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Diverse Engagement discussion, Sonia Boyce – November 8, 2016
Masterclass with Sonia Boyce – November 9, 2016
The Artist & The State International Symposium – November 26, 2016
(Re) Public launch – Chicago, October 30, 2016
Creative Time Summit 2016 Dublin screening & discussion – October 14
Panel Discussion, Limerick City Gallery of Art and Create – September 28, 2016
A Fair Land – Suzanne Lacy – August 19, 2016
Beyond Participation – June 16, 2016
Create Debate: Navigating Difference. Cork Midsummer – June 18, 2016
European Academy Of Participation
Uncomfortable Encounters, Disruptive Pedagogies – December 10, 2015
Matteo Lucchetti to join Create Networking Day 2015
Create Networking Day 2015 guest speakers
Arts and Health Check Up, Check In – January 29, 2016
Create Networking Day for Collaborative Arts – November 30, 2015
(Re)Public for Chicago as part of Culture Ireland 2016 Showcase
The Art of Dying – May 28, 2015
Create Debate – Makeshift Ensemble – June 21, 2015
VAI Get Together 2015: Intergenerational Conversations – May 15
Rustom Bharucha: Reflections on Terror and Performance – April 13, 2015
The Amulet by Marie Brett – January 15-April 11, 2015
Asylum Archive Panel Discussion – March 3, 2015
Create Networking Day programme of performance
Create Networking Day – December 1, 2014 agenda
Create Networking Day guest artists
Create Networking Day for Collaborative Arts – December 1, 2014
Irish Collaborations in Liverpool in October 2014
NOW-THEN-NOW: Witnessing Future History – October 7-8, 2014
The Worker Symposium - Roscommon, July 18, 2014
PUBLIC ART NOW with Claire Doherty, Situations - July 16-17, 2014
Art and Design Strategies in Healthcare – June 16-17, 2014
WITHOUT by Rosemary Lee with Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company - May 2-31
DIAL ULRIKE AND EAMON COMPLIANT by Blast Theory - April 23-26 2014, as part of Live Collision
Create & Dublin Dance Festival event: Moving Conversations - May 21
Minister Deenihan to launch Create Networking Day – December 5, 2013
Collaborative Artist Networking Day 2013 agenda
Create Networking Day 2013 Contributor Biographies
Create Debate @ VAI GETTOGETHER: The Artist and Civic Life - June 28, 2013
Create Debate: The Many Modes of Collaboration - June 22, 2013
Dublin Dance Festival 2013 & Create Moving Conversations – May 25
Create at IETM Dublin - 12 April, 2013
Photographer Stephen King at Create on Artists' International Development Programme
Liverpool-Ireland event: Cultural Corridor - October 2012, Liverpool
Samples- Dylan Tighe Discussions exploring themes of his project RECORD - October 2012
Create at Cork Midsummer Festival - June 2012
Create at Visual Artists Ireland’s GETTOGETHER 2012 - Limerick June 15
The Collaborative Arts Performance Pack launch - June 2012
Arts and Community: Heirlooms and Hand-me-downs launched at City Walls Space
For the Common Good? – Dr Anthony Downey – 2011 symposium
Arts and Civil Society Symposium Presentations
Spreading the revolt – Silvana Carotenuto – 2011 symposium
Working in Context – Conor Shields – 2011 symposium
Arts and Civil Society – Martin Drury – 2011 symposium
The Artist, Arts Policy and Cultural Democracy – Pat Cooke – 2011 symposium
Notes from Nowhere – Pauline Conroy – 2011 symposium
Defining Participation and Practice - Policy Perspectives - Marian Fitzgibbon
a quiver of arrows: Jeffrey Gormly's Reflections on the Art & Civil Society Symposium
Arts and Civil Society Symposium Programme
Arts and Civil Society Symposium, 2011
Arts and Prisons: Transformed Through Dance - An In Conversation Event
Arts and Community: Collaborative Arts Symposium
Dr Fintan Walsh reflects on the first National Networking Day
Launch of Arts and Prisons Network, a Create initiative
National Networking Event for Collaborative Arts
Public Art: Collaborative Practices and Public Art
Arts and Community: The Many Bodies of Contemporary Dance
Arts and Community: Two Works in Progress - artists Patricia Baker and Sue Hassett
Connect: A Collaborative Arts Mentoring Model – Public Action Research Forum 3
Public Art: The Home Project
Public Art: Placing Voices Voicing Places
Arts and Health: Vital Signs - Arts and Health in Context
Arts and Community: Incidental Participation
Connect: A Collaborative Arts Mentoring Model – Public Action Research Forum 2
Connect: A Collaborative Arts Mentoring Model – Public Action Research Forum 1
Arts and Cultural Diversity: Diverse Designs – a three day exploration of the role of design in promoting cultural diversity
Guest artist Peggy Shaw comes to Create - 2009
Arts and Community: Changing the Story
A Symposium on Public Art
Suburbs and Cities 2 - Artists’ Responses to Changing Urban Landscapes
Suburbs and Cities 1 - Artists’ Responses to Changing Urban Landscapes

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CreateIreland Congratulations to @NCAD_Dublin on the launch of their strategy, Futures, Bold and Curious. Looking forward to hearing more!
17 hours ago.
CreateIreland Wall2Wall Music is delighted to announce a 4-day training course for female, female-identifying and non-binary musicians interested in developing music facilitation as part of their portfolio of work. See image for application procedure.
21 hours ago.
CreateIreland Check out our latest Featured Publication, The Art of Relevance by @ninaksimon , formerly of @santacruzmah . Some of us were lucky enough to see Nina speak at @artscouncil_ie Places Matter conference this year where she outlined her #OFBYFORALL blueprint.
1 day ago.