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Diverse Engagement discussion, Sonia Boyce – November 8, 2016
Masterclass with Sonia Boyce – November 9, 2016
The Artist & The State International Symposium – November 26, 2016
(Re) Public launch – Chicago, October 30, 2016
Creative Time Summit 2016 Dublin screening & discussion – October 14
Panel Discussion, Limerick City Gallery of Art and Create – September 28, 2016
A Fair Land – Suzanne Lacy – August 19, 2016
Beyond Participation – June 16, 2016
Create Debate: Navigating Difference. Cork Midsummer – June 18, 2016
European Academy Of Participation
Uncomfortable Encounters, Disruptive Pedagogies – December 10, 2015
Matteo Lucchetti to join Create Networking Day 2015
Create Networking Day 2015 guest speakers
Arts and Health Check Up, Check In – January 29, 2016
Create Networking Day for Collaborative Arts – November 30, 2015
(Re)Public for Chicago as part of Culture Ireland 2016 Showcase
The Art of Dying – May 28, 2015
Create Debate – Makeshift Ensemble – June 21, 2015
VAI Get Together 2015: Intergenerational Conversations – May 15
Rustom Bharucha: Reflections on Terror and Performance – April 13, 2015
The Amulet by Marie Brett – January 15-April 11, 2015
Asylum Archive Panel Discussion – March 3, 2015
Create Networking Day programme of performance
Create Networking Day – December 1, 2014 agenda
Create Networking Day guest artists
Create Networking Day for Collaborative Arts – December 1, 2014
Irish Collaborations in Liverpool in October 2014
NOW-THEN-NOW: Witnessing Future History – October 7-8, 2014
The Worker Symposium - Roscommon, July 18, 2014
PUBLIC ART NOW with Claire Doherty, Situations - July 16-17, 2014
Art and Design Strategies in Healthcare – June 16-17, 2014
WITHOUT by Rosemary Lee with Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company - May 2-31
DIAL ULRIKE AND EAMON COMPLIANT by Blast Theory - April 23-26 2014, as part of Live Collision
Create & Dublin Dance Festival event: Moving Conversations - May 21
Minister Deenihan to launch Create Networking Day – December 5, 2013
Collaborative Artist Networking Day 2013 agenda
Create Networking Day 2013 Contributor Biographies
Create Debate @ VAI GETTOGETHER: The Artist and Civic Life - June 28, 2013
Create Debate: The Many Modes of Collaboration - June 22, 2013
Dublin Dance Festival 2013 & Create Moving Conversations – May 25
Create at IETM Dublin - 12 April, 2013
Photographer Stephen King at Create on Artists' International Development Programme
Liverpool-Ireland event: Cultural Corridor - October 2012, Liverpool
Samples- Dylan Tighe Discussions exploring themes of his project RECORD - October 2012
Create at Cork Midsummer Festival - June 2012
Create at Visual Artists Ireland’s GETTOGETHER 2012 - Limerick June 15
The Collaborative Arts Performance Pack launch - June 2012
Arts and Community: Heirlooms and Hand-me-downs launched at City Walls Space
For the Common Good? – Dr Anthony Downey – 2011 symposium
Arts and Civil Society Symposium Presentations
Spreading the revolt – Silvana Carotenuto – 2011 symposium
Working in Context – Conor Shields – 2011 symposium
Arts and Civil Society – Martin Drury – 2011 symposium
The Artist, Arts Policy and Cultural Democracy – Pat Cooke – 2011 symposium
Notes from Nowhere – Pauline Conroy – 2011 symposium
Defining Participation and Practice - Policy Perspectives - Marian Fitzgibbon
a quiver of arrows: Jeffrey Gormly's Reflections on the Art & Civil Society Symposium
Arts and Civil Society Symposium Programme
Arts and Civil Society Symposium, 2011
Arts and Prisons: Transformed Through Dance - An In Conversation Event
Arts and Community: Collaborative Arts Symposium
Dr Fintan Walsh reflects on the first National Networking Day
Launch of Arts and Prisons Network, a Create initiative
National Networking Event for Collaborative Arts
Public Art: Collaborative Practices and Public Art
Arts and Community: The Many Bodies of Contemporary Dance
Arts and Community: Two Works in Progress - artists Patricia Baker and Sue Hassett
Connect: A Collaborative Arts Mentoring Model – Public Action Research Forum 3
Public Art: The Home Project
Public Art: Placing Voices Voicing Places
Arts and Health: Vital Signs - Arts and Health in Context
Arts and Community: Incidental Participation
Connect: A Collaborative Arts Mentoring Model – Public Action Research Forum 2
Connect: A Collaborative Arts Mentoring Model – Public Action Research Forum 1
Arts and Cultural Diversity: Diverse Designs – a three day exploration of the role of design in promoting cultural diversity
Guest artist Peggy Shaw comes to Create - 2009
Arts and Community: Changing the Story
A Symposium on Public Art
Suburbs and Cities 2 - Artists’ Responses to Changing Urban Landscapes
Suburbs and Cities 1 - Artists’ Responses to Changing Urban Landscapes

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CreateIreland If you're going to @TheBigChapel by @Asylum_Theatre tonight you're in for a powerful two hour performance. A brilliantly collaborative project as part of @KilkennyArts
6 days ago.
CreateIreland Great to see a taster video of the Creativity and Change course - do check them out!
6 days ago.
CreateIreland The Trial by artist Sinead McCann, & @BridgeDublin , @UCDhistory , @HistPrisnHealth , @sixbetween begins a national tour on @SpikeIslandCork from July 26 - Aug 26 before moving to @LiffordJail Donegal from Aug 29-Sept 12 & @dublincastleopwSept 26 -Nov 3 supported by @artscouncil_ie
12 days ago.