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mouth to mouth international performance collective.

TalkAbout Series Launch

Incidental Participation

Artists: DeySed; Mind the Gap – Michelle Browne; mouth to mouth international performance collective; Coney arts collective

Create, the national development agency for collaborative arts, presents Incidental Participation in partnership with NCAD, to launch the Talkabout Series.

The Talkabout series will be held annually and is designed to further critical debates, and raise the profile and understanding of collaborative arts as a dynamic contemporary arts practice.

Collaborative arts is widely recognised as a practice existing sometimes at the edges of visual art, performance art, theatre, dance, new writing, digital media and the moving image. Create fosters current and future potential for collaboration between artists and communities.

For the first TalkAbout

Incidental Participation is an invitation to artists to test out new ideas and strategies for work they are in the process of developing:
How do you access the city and it’s users as a passing participant?
How do you create a dialogue with a city and its people?
How do you respond to the unique set of challenges, discourses and methodologies that each group of participants brings to the work?

Aug 12-14, 2009

Launch: 2pm 12 August

On 12th August at 2pm the three day exploration of encounters will be launched in the NCAD lecture theatre with an introduction to the artists and their work.

Participants will receive instructions on how to be an incidental participant over 3 days (Aug 12, 13 and 14) over 3 hours (2-5pm) and in conversation with 3 countries.

Throughout the 3 day research and development programme the NCAD lecture theatre will act as a ‘pod’ where participants can download their experiences and record their responses (by audio, by blog and by pen and paper).

Three international artists will be online to ask questions and facilitate each participant’s account.

Create would like to acknowledge the support of Dublin Fringe Festival. Several of the companies featured in the programme have been seed funded by Dublin Fringe Commissions.

Talkabout is curated by Lynnette Moran and Mark Durkan; David Keegan is assistant curator. For further information contact Lynnette at 01 4736600.

This event is free. All the work seeded as part of Incidental Participation will inform the future development of work that will talk place across different artforms and locations

Incidental Participation – Who’s Taking Part?

This emerging collective of cross disciplinary artists will focus on place/locations amongst Dublin’s city streets and the shared collective memory of chosen spaces. DeySed will generate a durational installation through a live feed and a ‘memory bank’ on their blog where they will gather and document participants identifying locations and associate memories. DeySed will then review and revisit each chosen place as a starting point for the future development of their work.

Mind The Gap
Michelle Browne will be working with a group of researchers to present work in progress of her current project, Mind The Gap. The group will look at gaps that exist in the city, focusing on issues relating to urban planning, to architecture, and to infrastructural and social concerns. Mind The Gap will ask participants to design infrastructure for various chosen locations around the city centre on the back of a single napkin. The napkins will become a communal design brief representing the desires of those who occupy the city.

mouth to mouth
mouth to mouth are an international performance collective based in eight countries around the world. They are currently researching a new site responsive piece for Dublin. Three of the company members in the UK, Estonia and Switzerland will engage with the passing participants of TalkAbout through a live Skype link up. The company members will chat to participants, generating an exchange of details about their specific locations in exchange for informative nuances about Dublin as a city.

UK based arts collective Coney will set in motion a list of playful tasks, with surprises and remote audio links embedded around the city. The TalkAbout pod at NCAD lecture theatre will become ‘home’ to those who play along…hit home to return, reload and start over…the game begins again…each time it plays out differently.

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