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Purpose and priorities of award

The 2010 Artist in the Community Scheme Bursary Award is focused specifically on the area of Arts and Older People.

It aims to support individual professional artists in any artform working in the field of Arts and Older People.

The purpose of the award is to support professional artists to develop their art practice. The award emphasises the value and benefit to an artist's development that is derived from an extended process of engagement with their practice. The award therefore provides artists with the time and resources to think, research, reflect and engage with their art practice. It is aimed at artists who: 

  • work collaboratively with individuals and groups in the making and interpreting of art; 
  • consider and prioritise the quality of the engagement at all stages (e.g. in the planning, making and evaluation of work); 
  • demonstrate a commitment to artistic outcomes alongside those related to the enhancement of health and well being.

Potential proposals could be those that enable artists working in the area of arts and older people to develop their collaborative/participative arts thinking and practice through: 

  • research, dialogue and the negotiation of strategic partnerships; 
  • participative/collaborative art making, critical reflection and evaluation.

Application Process

Send completed applications to Create, 10/11 Earl Street South, Dublin 8.

Create recommend that the proposal is in the form of a written application, up to a maximum of 3 sides of A4, supported by additional information detailing work history and examples of professional collaborative practice and history of working with older people.

Applicants' principal residence should be in Ireland and applicants should be able to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to participative/collaborative arts practices.

The proposal should show evidence of:

  • Commitment to participative/collaborative arts practice;
  • A clear articulation of how the Bursary Award will extend knowledge of collaborative approaches to working with older people and a clear concept of how this will be of benefit to the professional development of the applicant artist;
  • A clear understanding of some of the processes and approaches to working in residence with older people across the range of social and community contexts;
  • An indication of the areas of research and exploration that the Bursary award will enable.

Who is eligible to apply?

The award is open to artists working in all artforms and at all stages in their professional careers. To be eligible to apply applicants must: 

  • have a track record in collaborative/participative arts practice;
  • have experience of working collaboratively with older people and/or inter-generationally;
  • have been born in, or are resident in, the Republic of Ireland;
  • be a professional practicing artist.

Who cannot apply?

Applicants who are not eligible to apply include: 

  • those who work as artists with older people in health care contexts where therapy is the primary goal or outcome; 
  • individuals currently in undergraduate education.

What you can apply for

The maximum award available is €10,000 for up to one year. The emphasis of the award is on artists ‘buying time', however, to a limited extent the award also allows for other costs that are intrinsic to supporting the development of the artist's practice. In this context applicants may apply for living costs, they may also apply for materials, resources, third-party expertise or the hiring of services where it can be demonstrated that such costs are intrinsic or necessary to the development of the artist's practice.

What you cannot apply for

Activities and costs that you cannot apply for include the following: 

  • activities or costs that do not fit the purpose of the award; 
  • activities which are more suited to another award funded by the Arts Council or operated by other state agencies including Culture Ireland; 
  • activities that have already taken place or which will have commenced; before a decision is due to be made on your application; 
  • where the activity is for charity fund-raising purposes, for participation in a competition, or for primarily profit-making purposes; 
  • activities that have already been assessed by the Arts Council, or where you are already in receipt of funding from the Artist in the Community Scheme.

What criteria are applications assessed against?

All eligible applications are assessed under 3 criteria as follows - 

  • Artistic merit 
  • Meeting the objectives and priorities of the Artist in the Community Scheme Bursary  award
  • Feasibility

Assessment will be made by a panel. The panel will consist of representatives from the Arts Council, Age & Opportunity and Create.


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