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 Anna Furse

The Theatre of Our Bodies

A Performance Project Directed by Anna Furse
with Create

Create, the national development agency for collaborative arts, is delighted to welcome internationally renowned artist and academic Dr Anna Furse who will be giving a workshop as part of the Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme.

Anna Furse will conduct this one day workshop for professional artists working in or interested in collaborative arts practice. This workshop will offer an intimate optic on the work of Furse, with particular focus on embedded methodologies around collaborative practice.

The Theatre of Our Bodies

The Theatre of Our Bodies is about women’s bodies. It’s about our ordinary, fleshy, memory-filled bodies. It’s about our senses and how we experience the world around us through them. It’s about our awareness of our bodies socially and culturally and about how we express ourselves every day through physicality. It’s about the stories our bodies carry, from the tiniest detail to the special or significant event. It’s about the space our bodies occupy around us in city life and private life. It’s about our insides and our outsides, our anatomies, our imaginations, our traumas, wounds and scars, our joys, our cycles and our birthing, our pleasure and joy. It’s about the way we present ourselves to society, dress, behave, move about. It’s about our diversity. It’s about articulating, validating and celebrating our physical presence in the world.

Workshop with Anna Furse

Monday 11 May
10am – 5pm


Are you interested in making new ensemble performance for and with communities of women and girls that brings yours and their experience centrally into the process of making theatre? The project is seeking a broad group of collaborators to work with Furse in the creation of this bold new work, and this workshop will be part of a phase one to identify professional artists cross disciplines who are interested in being involved in the project.

The Theatre of Our Bodies collaborators – trained by Furse in her training and devising methodology and dramaturgy - will potentially lead workshops with her in a range of contexts to cultivate local performances. At the end, we will gather these communities into one collective intergenerational performance that layers all these together into one large scale Theatre of Our Bodies production.

About Anna Furse

Anna Furse is Artistic Director of Athletes of the Heart, a production company founded by Anna Furse in 2003 to pursue her interests in the body in performance. The company has created a sci-art theatre work for young audiences Yerma’s Eggs, a performance installation in a London hospital GlassBody and a large-scale theatre work that was initially created in cyberspace by a group of geographically dispersed writers who were then directed by Furse in devising their performance Don Juan.Who?/Don Juan.Kdo?. In 2011 we created an intimate performance event for the Little Angel’s Suspense Festival Sick of Love in which the audience sat around a very large ‘bed’ next to 7 performers who worked intensely with clothes and objects including 100 gold wedding rings and 60 oyster shells to play on themes of love, loss and the nostalgia and association objects carry of the beloved. Furse also that year worked in Serbia on a solo Sea/Woman, a free adaptation of Ibsen’s Lady From the Sea that explores themes of marine catastrophe and the lure of the ocean from the perspective of an older woman. This premiered in Belgrade and toured the UK, and to Beirut, sponsored by the British Council. In 2012/13 the company launched a new research project duet When We Were Birds, exploring memory and the body training in classical forms (ballet) alongside and against political events in the 1960’s, that premiered in the Cantieri Culturali Zisa, Palermo in 2013 with a solo version by Furse performed at the Live Collision Festival Dublin and GIFT Newcastle in 2014. Furse contributed a video installation drawing on her work on hysteria to the Freud Museum’s Mad, Bad and Sad, Women and the Mind Doctors exhibition Oct 2013 – Feb 2014. Don Juan.Who?/Don Juan.Kdo? is published in Furse’s anthology of performance texts Theatre in Pieces – Politics, Poetics and Interdisciplinary Collaboration, Methuen 2011. Furse is a regular international speaker on issues of the body and workshop leader, most recently delivering a paper On Being Touched to the Ethics of Play conference at the Department of Philosophy, Charles University, Prague ( December 2014) and a workshop Some Hysterias with MA students at the school of Creative and Cultural Expression, Ambedkar University, Delhi. Furse is co-director of the Centre of the Body at Goldsmiths, an interdisciplinary research centre currently funded with a small grant from the Wellcome Trust.

Athletes of the Heart has received funding from the Arts Council of England, the Arts and Humanities Research Council, The British Council, The British Academy and The Victoria Halls Foundation. Furse has received both an Impact award and a People Award from the Wellcome Trust for her work with her company.

How Do You Apply

Places are limited therefore you need to apply in advance.

Applicants should submit a CV plus a short statement (150 words max) outlining the reason why you would like to participate in this workshop and how you think it will contribute to your professional development.

Please note applications are only open to practicing professional artists and practitioners An active interest in collaborative socially engaged practice is essential. You should have full availability for the day of the workshop from 10am – 5pm on Monday 11 May.

Submit applications via email marked Theatre of Our Bodies to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For further information, please send queries to the same email address or contact Lynnette Moran at Create, 01 473 66 00.


You will only be emailed if you have a place on the workshop.

This workshop is being run as part of the Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. Partners: Create-Ireland (coordinating partner) Agora Collective, hablarenarte:, Kunsthalle Osnabrück, Live Art Development Agency, Ludwig Museum - Museum of Contemporary Art, M-Cult and Tate Liverpool.

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