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Dawn of the Truth Wizards

Loitering Theatre in association with The Prosperity Project present:

Dawn of the Truth Wizards

Date: 31 July
Location: Long Room Hub, Trinity College Dublin
Time: 6.30

A research discussion on capitalism and its emergent desire to capture the truth of the soul - from emotion capture systems to corporate mindfulness. This event will be preceded by a guided meditation (more details to follow).

With speakers Alexander Galloway (“the Interface Effect”) and Franco Bifo Berardi (“The Soul at Work”).

The Schema

Dublin has pictured itself as centerfold of cognitive capitalism since its micro-soft beginnings. Hard, wired to Google, Twitter and Facebook - now our docklands serve as a secret portal for capital's hidden worldwide flows.
There are rumors of the passing of the Turing test. The network is transforming behind our eyes; and conscious interaction with computers will soon be in our past. Hal-like, the network nodes reach now beyond the boundary of the screen. They scan for our emotions while we look away. Offline has vanished. Nowhere to run to now, no where to hide:

You step into the bank. Your eyebrow moves. Your credit rating drops silently downwards to the void. You look up and yesterday’s memory arrives. You bite your lip in carefree recollection. The light touches your face again. A decision is made. Your overdraft dreams fade to grey. This is what it feels like to be loved by the machines.

Loitering Theatre would like to cultivate mindfulness of capitalism’s new and soon to be ubiquitous emotion capture systems. Dawn of the Truth Wizards is the premier event series explaining how to live wisely in the digital age. Together we shall sit and prepare for the first Wisdom 2.0 Europe event this year in Dublin. You will have the chance to connect with people from the international community interested in the application of mindfulness and wisdom in business and life. Together we will explore how to create lives, companies, and cultures where true connection can flourish. Register early and save yourselves. There might even be machine elves.


Alexander Galloway

Franco Bifo Berardi 

Loitering Theatre

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