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Them and Us: A Performative Reading of the Financial Crisis

Them and Us: A Performative Reading of the Financial Crisis
as part of The Prosperity Project, Jesse Jones Public Art Commission

Date: 27th September
Venue: CCD Dublin
Time: 1-3pm

Cast of characters: a hedge fund manager, a private equity investor, a Mortgage Lender, a government adviser and banker, a private equity pioneer, a bond trader.

The Prosperity Project Phase Two kicks off this September and invites you to take part in a group research event which aims to examine the politics of Austerity through the use of verbatim scripts as an exercise in experiential research.

As we now approach the fifth anniversary of the collapse of the financial market in September 2008, this performative reading challenges us to return to those initial moments just after the collapse to question how the banking crisis has completely transformed economics and politics of the last half decade. By mobilizing the voices and stories of those in the inner sphere of the financial collapse, how can we challenge our critical knowledge of the world in which we live?

The reading will be led by artist Jesse Jones and theatre maker Niamh McCann and will use as its material an iconic verbatim text to create an workshop that animates the crisis. This collective performative reading will enable us to temporarily inhabit the voices of those who were in the inner circle, with intimate access to historical events that had massive repercussions on all of our lives.

Jones has used verbatim scripts in her work over the past year, in both The Other North and The Selfish Act of Community. She has worked with actors to play out events from communities in crisis in Northern Ireland during a period of extreme violence and division and self actualizing therapy scripts from late 1960’s America.

For Jones the process of verbatim allows for a examination of the present through the reanimation of these documents of the past. This performative reading events ask an elective public to take part in this workshop to understand how the events of the September 2008 financial melt down and how this banking crisis has shaped how we see the present and future and how we might find a way out of the script of austerity.

To take part, no performance experience is necessary. All participants will be provided with a script and guided through the verbatim reading process by our experienced facilitator Niamh McCann. Please Contact Create at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to reserve a place in this workshop.


Niamh McCann

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